Monday, January 4, 2016

In the act of shunting

I head to work for another year tomorrow and over the next 50 weeks I'll do a lot of shunting - of paper, from one side of the desk to the next. Slightly more interesting is the shunting of railway carriages and wagons. Slightly more dangrous too.

Anyway, I have posted quite a few shots of steam locos going about their shunting duties over the years.  Here's a few more to add to the collection.

Lets take Bathurst as the location - here's someone who looks to be happy shunting in a broody hen. Just love those marker lamps!

And here's 3112 going about shunting in the final years of steam.

Shunting Bathurst seemed to save your skin as a steam loco (or boiler cladding I suppose) - here's the RTM's 5910 at a location thought to be Bathurst.

While a little on the backlit side, 5427 needs to be included for the fluffy clouds and the fingerprint on the slide!

To complete the Bathurst shunters, here's 5212 on its way somewhere down or up the yard.

Enjoy your year at work!


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