Friday, January 22, 2016

Pig in the 'burbs

Well, more correctly, Steam in the Suburbs. The (former) Rail Transport Museum's 3642 is 90 years young this year and it has spent longer in captivity (preservation/heritage) than it did in revenue service, having been retired for the first time in September 1969.

3642 would have to be one of my most photographed NSWGR steam locomotives, which is only appropriate given that it is one of my favourites. It was black when we first met but I do think the green suits its stout appearance.

Anyway, nearly 25 years ago I took a ride behind it on the last day of August 1991 as it worked its way from Redfern, down to Darling Harbour, out through Glebe and Annandale to Rozelle, then back along the Metro line to Enfield, Flemo and then finally back to Sydney Terminal.  Here's a few shots of that great day.

The first series covers tracking across the Wentworth Park viaduct.

And then as it heads into the tunnel under Glebe.

 Out the other end into Jubilee Park and off to Rozelle.

A few trains snuck past the other way, but not 4903 which was on a sleeper train at Dulwich Hill.

And all too soon we were into the wide open spaces of Enfield. Count those 48s! 

 The odd GMs were lurking around too, like these two.

 As we scooted past Flemington car sheds I noticed two parcel vans - the very things I was hunting for a couple of blog posts ago.

So, it was a very good interlude with the old girl.


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