Friday, January 22, 2016

Tumulla - a rejoinder

About a fortnight ago I posted a series of photos of 3620 banking a couple of trains up Tumulla Bank on 17 January 1965. In the blog I mentioned that many of the salient details of that day - including the loco's number - came from a book.  Here is that book....

It is a cracker of a read - comes highly recommended if you see it in a secondhand bookshop. Published by Traction Publications in 1973.

Anyway, without permission (where do you start?) of the photographer Jim Coulson and the publisher, but with much gratitude that both took the time to do what they did, here is that photograph, complete with the trespassing other photographer tucked away on the tender...

Number 2 trespasser (a certain uncle of your scribe) can be seen in the cab.


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