Thursday, May 31, 2018

Parkes, 2008

I have just realised I am closing in on 200 blog posts and I haven't given due time to the recent past. Here, to redress this imbalance somewhat, is a few shots taken 10 years ago around Parkes. In most cases, these photos (however imperfect) are just as historic now as shots taken 40 or 50 years ago.

A decade ago, T383 had just received a fresh coat of paint and looked particularly spruce.

Parked alongside, 48s36 looked sturdily weather-worn.

48s37 was a little further off, resting on shop bogies.

The third of the Silverton 48s/830s present - 48s32 - was best captured by Junior in the evening.

Moving from yellow to orange, SCT005 and SCT001 collect a dead 2212 from Parkes yard to be part of that night's westbound freight on 19 July 2008.

And then there were locos going nowhere under their own steam. From memory, 4809 left Parkes a few years later on the back of a truck.

And 4842 was a very successful parts donor by this time.

And to finish up, something prosaic a decade ago but now exotic - 48157, 48149, 4899 and  48109 on an empty grain train about to leave Parkes on the morning of 20 July 2008.

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